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We Help Turn California Renters into Owners 

Serving the SF Bay Area for almost 20 years


  • “Thank you for all of your help and kindness in making it possible for me to become a first-time home buyer. Your patience, kindness and understanding is overwhelming. Thank you all so very much.”

    -Brenda J. Marshall

  • "...It's wonderful to know and it gives great delight, that people like yourselves are so readily and willingly available to assist those who are in need of such expertise and professionalism...We have much confidence in referring others to Star Team Realty..."

    -Ted and Helen James

  • "I am so thankful for Star Team Realty. I was always treated like family. I tell all our friends and co-workers how fast and reliable Star Team is. As a first time buyer, Star Team was there. I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. So when it came to refinancing, I had confidence in the name Star Team. Not only did they treat my loan as their own, but they were fast and efficient. Thanks again Star Team."

    -Jerry Blueford II

Today’s Loan Rates


We are a full-service mortgage loan office specializing in home financing, refinancing, first-time buyer assistance and investment programs. As an experienced team of loan consultants and processors, we employ professional resources and know how to meet our client’s home financing needs.
Founded on the Principles of Value-Centered Management (similar to Lean Six Sigma), Star Team’s services are built on efficient systems focusing on client satisfaction from start to finish.
The financial and personal advantages of home ownership is endless:
  • Potential tax savings
  • Investing into your equity instead of paying your landlord’s mortgage
  • Control of monthly payments
  • A yard for your pets
  • Control over interior design
  • Do your laundry in your home
  • A garage, a garden…
And the list goes on. Contact Star Team Financial today to begin your quest for home ownership today. It’s really that simple! 

7 Simple Steps to Owning a Home

Step 1: Loan Application

We will meet with you to gather information about your financial health and borrowing needs so we can tailor a loan that best fits you. What documents are required? CLICK HERE

Step 2: Credit Report

We will order a credit report to confirm your debt and payment history information.

Step 3: Loan Processing

Upon receiving your loan application, credit report, employment information, and asset documentation we will process your file.

Step 4: Loan Approval

We will send your loan file to the bank’s underwriter and let you know if your loan has been approved based on your credit worthiness and ability to repay the mortgage in a timely manner.

Step 5: Find Your Dream Home

Here is where the fun begins! Once you have been approved, you can work with any real estate agent to find a home within your price range.

Step 6: Escrow

Once you and the seller have agreed, we will place your loan in escrow and work with you and the lender through inspections, warranties, appraisal, homeowner and title insurance needs.

Step 7: Loan Closing

Once all of your paperwork has been reviewed and approved by the lender, you will sign all the documents and officially own your home!


When should you refinance?

Each homeowner has a different situation. We'll help you determine if now is the right time for you to refinance. Effective refinancing typically means lowering your current mortgage loan rate by at least one percent. You might also want to consider changing the length of your loan or receiving cash from the equity in your house. Contact one of our loan experts for more information about refinancing.

Top 4 Reasons People Refinance

1. Lower your monthly payment

If rates have dropped since you purchased your home, or if you choose a lower-rate adjustable mortgage, refinancing will lower your monthly payment, allowing you to save, spend or invest more money each month.

2. Get Cash out of your equity

Once you have built up enough equity in your house, a "cash-out" refinance can give you money to invest or to use for a vacation, college tuition, home improvements or a major purchase.

3. Get into a fixed rate loan

If you have an adjustable rate mortgage and worry about your interest rates and payments increasing, a refinance could move you into a fixed rate loan, giving you predictable fixed payments until your loan is repaid. Or, if rates have dropped since you financed your home, refinancing into a fixed-rate loan would guarantee you low rates and payments for the remaining life of your loan.

4. Consolidate debt

Refinancing can help you recover and gain control of your personal debt. In the process of refinancing, you may be able to pay off other debts and consolidate all your debt into one mortgage loan, thereby significantly decreasing your interest on credit card debt. You may also be able to take a tax advantage on more interest by consolidating your debts into a mortgage.


We offer a huge product line of Home Equity Line of Credits and Fixed Rate and/or Term Second Mortgages. Because we deal with many offices and a large volume we know who is the best funding source for your qualifications.  We have the lending power to place your application with a large local bank or a smaller private credit union who may have less stringent underwriting guidelines. At Star Team you can rest assured you will get the power of all the facts, the power of our expert knowledge and the power of the ability to choose a rate, program and the points that suit you.


Our Philosophy

Individual commitment to a group effort makes us a team, so you are never left alone.

We believe in a team approach to servicing our clients. That is why we provide real estate and financial services all under one roof. Our realtors have direct access to loan representatives who focus on the client's needs. We save you time and money by providing these services in one accessible place.

At Star Team, there's not just one person working for you, there's the entire staff working together with your best interest in mind. We are committed to this approach, and look forward to meeting all of your real estate needs.

Since our inception, value-centered management has been and continues to be a core, uncompromising principle of our company. Not only does Star Team manage all aspects of your property, we manage them to perform more efficiently.  We are always looking for ways to reduce your cost, increase our efficiency, improve the quality of services, and enhance the value we deliver to you.


The Star Team Advantage

Our experienced mortgage loan consultants develop customized plans to assist you in acquiring the best loan for your financial situation. We research all of the major lenders and banks to get the best program with the lowest rate. With this approach you can be assured we are using our best resources to get you the right loan – we do not stop until our job is done. The best part is that we have dedicated teams that focus solely on product selection, customer service, and closing. This allows us to have experts in each area. Our clients have a team working for them instead of an individual loan agent that may or may not have expertise in all areas.
Our commitment to team is even evident in our compensation model. Each team member is compensated for each closed transaction; one person doesn’t reap all the benefits. As a team we closed your loan with care and as a team we are compensated equally. By working together everyone benefits.
Realtors, homeowners and investors appreciate the Star Team difference; we close loans others cannot. We are your mortgage brokers for life.

Megan Tomasello


Sharmayne Thompson 

Real Estate Agent
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